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We've tried our hardest to make ESR advertising cheap and afordable, as well as site themed. Our primary purpose for this is that we want our ad space to be open to bands and members of this comunity, as well as to businesses, and we want ads on this page to fit the underground and/or alternitive theme of the site.

We do ads baced on time, not based on click, this way advertisers know how much their paying BEFORE they begin advertising.

What we charge is partially dependent on where you want your ad to be located. Because of the design of the site, desktop ads and mobile ads are not going to be the same.

Desktop Ads Are displayed on the sidebars, these currently cost $15 Per Month

featured Music is displayed on the sidebar on desktop, and on the homepage on mobile. these currently cost $10 per month and are avalible for artists promoting music videos, singles, albums, or the band in general. But the linked content must be Digital Music of some form.

Mobile ads are displayed on specific pages, (one page per advertisment) and run $5 per week these are typically banners, but are very flexible. avalible places for the include any of the private chatrooms, the home page, and the private chats.

Free Advertising can be done by making a news post that talks about your product, or by making a band page on this site.

Pricing May vary depending on the situation there are times when we may drop pricing if for example, if your advertising site content (such as your band page), but this is completely up to our descression.

All pricing is subject to change Just because an ad was priced one way the week before does not mean it wont go up, or down, the next week depending on the situation. Supply and deman reigns true here, just as it does everywhere.

All Payment is done via paypal

Ad's on this site are screened to make sure they fit the overall theme of this site.
this includes advertising music of any genre, or any product which is marketed toward music listeners, emo/punk/alt/ect people, or which is in some way related to this site, it's content, or it's comunity.

Must Have... For Ad's. we require that you have a photo of the apropriate size, and a link for the photo to go to. Featured music posts are 4x4 and desktop adds are 4x6 (taller ads require multiple ad spaces to fit, so if you want 1 1/5 or 2 ad spaces, then you could go for a larger photo) and mobile ads are recomended to be baanners, but this is more flexible.

For any questions, or to start advertising, email me at or send me a pm here