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An Interview With Adam Stoner Of Black Dali and Sins Of Calvary - Eternal Scene Rising
An Interview With Adam Stoner Of Black Dali and Sins Of Calvary
Adam on the death of Black Dali and the birth of Sins Of Calvary


Can you start by saying your name, and role in Black Dali and Sins of Calvary?

       Adam Stoner, vocals and guitar.

Awesome dude. So, so we were talking a little bit before this about how Black Dali broke up and a few of you guys formed a new band? Can you tell me about what led to the break-up?

        Oh! You want the tea huh? Welp. Short story, my drummer Jason Dinwiddie is a sexy dude apparently, and he banged all our spouses.

No, I'm kidding, it's a hard thing to pinpoint honestly

Oh wow.

        I started BD (Black Dali) in 2008 and we ran for a good 10 years. That's a lot of time and soul.

        A lot of different members through the years.

        In the end I'd say it was about musical differences. When members start pulling in different directions it causes pain for the project. Eventually the pain takes over and you stop and think.  So much about this is business.

Yeah definitely, and line-up changes can be pretty rough for a lot of bands too

        That's a loaded question. Obviously Jason and I are in SINS (Sins Of Calvary), and Dustin Webster one of my best friends isn't, but he's recording our first ep, so in a way it's awesome to still have his finger on the vein.

So, you and Jason went on to form Sins of Calvary, how did that start, and would you say this is a kind of rebirthing for Black Dali?

        So, during the last few months before Black Dali decided to take a break, We added a 5th member. The idea was to free me to just sing. I'm a Tattoo artist and through the last decade my hands have started to take a hit so playing guitar and singing is a challenge sometimes.  Of course when you add any new ingredient even its the same ingredient just a different brand, it changes the dynamic.

        Without having to play and sing I could create as well as the others more, "complicated" riff e.t.c. In this process, the less I had with guitars the more I had the need to create. So, I started a solo project on the side of black Dali.  No shows e.t.c just to make music without compromise.

        I wanted it to be darker when it wanted to be,  lighter when it felt and so on. I wanted it to not care if it had edges, all these things I had in mind in the first place.  So if there is any compassion between BD and SINS, it's that I started them both with a very specific vision in mind.  A purpose. SINS is a more mature harder vision.

       So, I wouldn't say rebirthing more of a tearing down a kingdom to build a stronger one.  of course, remember this was a solo project. And I wanted it to be more acoustic... but that quickly changed so I asked Jason If he'd play drums with me on it as well.  After we decided to stop BD it was clear. We had a few songs ready and we tried out bassist Kyle Meiser. His hard edge and love for metal and quality built it up and solidified that this was the way now and there wasn't any stopping.

So it was kind of a natural process that happened slowly?

       Yea I guess so. When force meets a movable object.

Speaking of, I've noticed in some of your songs a lot of subtle religious, and even philosophical themes. Was that intentional or was it something that just kinda happened?

        Well, that's part of the edge on the side I didn't care to Smooth anymore.

        Everything I write lyrically has a purpose and intention. That's the one thing I do this for over anything.

And as for the name sins of Calvary, was there anything in particular that went into that name?

        Yes, the world lives on the thread of hope. And when you manipulate that hope and use fear to control... and use that control to take advantage and in most cases self-serve… it's wrong.  Period.

       Sins of Calvary. The name itself means the lies of Jesus. Let me explain. Calvary was the hill jesus was crucified upon.         No matter where you stand on the subject.  The majority of the world believes that this event occurred. My issue isn't with believers,  or non. It's against organized religion, using this story to control thru fear.

        Now. Obviously, I don't care if you worship a shoe. Just don't go murdering over the shoes glory Haha

Can you tell me about the story behind your song ‘Mad King’? Sorry, if I'm going to fast.

        No you're good. Nothing is simple here.  And I'm not trying to force anything down throats. Even with the strong opinions and direction of my symbols, I'm not trying to convince anyone.

         That's actually what I feel mad king is about.  I don't like to explain true meanings much ‘cause that steals from your interpretation. But...

          You asked so, mad king is about the oppressed being beat down, finally rising up to conquer. But hard decisions have to be made so at the top you may realize that you are the mad king as well.  Now that's a bet generic description of something very personal that happened in my life, but the analogy is a strong one.

Was there any life experience or story that went into color theory that you'd like to share? Personally, that song really reached out to me.

        Well, what did it mean to you?

Well, it seems to be a call, and ‘knots’ Seems to be a response to that call. ‘Color Theory’ is someone admitting how they feel on a deep emotional level, there's a bit of shame, looking on the world. Almost like someone who's hit rock bottom. And ‘knots’ is someone who's seen something like that happen to someone else, or who has been there themselves, and is saying how selfish those thoughts can be, and to hold on.

        That's about as good as any explanation I can come up with

Was there a life experience that inspired the song?

        Yes, Of course, but I'm not ready to rip that open today my friend 🙂

No problem. So you guys did a few singles, two of which (‘Radio Silence’ and ‘Miles’) were acoustic. Can we expect more acoustics like that from SINS?

        Well yea! Sins is generally a harder project now but not confined so yes! I plan on releasing some songs as well. So, you'll be getting that style from me as long as I play music.  🙂

Awesome. And those radio bits of radio silence. How did those come about?

        That's all Dustin Webster and me man! That song. Man.

I really loved that song, and those bits sounded like something straight out of a movie. That's awesome

        That tune will always be a special place and time.

Do you wanna talk about what went into that one?

        Well, it was a strange thing.  There was an article I was reading one day, and it was about the massacre at the night club in Florida. The article was explaining how the detectives were having to work in a lit up quite nightclub covered with dead people.... with no other sound than their cellphones going off with hope on the other side that the person they were calling was ok. Obviously not being able to answer.

        That vivid picture in my mind still haunts. Dustin had on his own read the same article. It's a horrible thing man.  Hate that is.

To anyone suffering from depression, or from hating someone. Do you have any advise you would give?

        Reach out. The worst thing you can do to a prisoner is put them in isolation. You're not alone.  It's ok to fear what you don't know.  It's ok to be sad about things.  It's ok.  No one can sit on the throne of your happiness, but you. Reach out. Even if you do and fail... keep trying cause there is always someone, somewhere that will grab your hand.

On a separate note. What artists or bands do you think have most affected your musical style?

        Oh man.  A ton! Haha

        Jim Morrison, Gavin Rossdale, Mark Tremonti, Metallica, Hurt... the list can go on forever.  I mention members here cause it's sometimes narrowed down to a member rather than the entire band.

        Lately this week I've really been digging the new As I Lay Dying record.

Their killer man, you have a pretty varied musical taste then.

        I listen to everything, even if it's just ONE TIME Haha

So, a lot of people find that joining a band isn't quite what they expected. Is there anything about being in a band that was like that for you?

         Oh yes. Just know that when you're in a band, it's a BAND.  If you want dudes to take orders, go solo and pay for that shit.

        But when you have a vision surround yourself with more talented people.  Everyone in my band is better than me. Also, honesty. That goes for life, but you're married to these dudes.  Be honest.  A band is a glorified merch company with a soundtrack. And in order for a business to prosper, it needs communication and honesty.

What's it like playing a show for you, and how does the crowd usually react, and what goes into show prep?

        Well practice makes perfect right? So when preparing for a gig I like to perform when we practice. Shows, man.  Its work.  Professional is a term used loosely by a ton of locals.  Have a plan, execute said plan and adapt when needed. Simple things, like who’s helping who on.  What's the game plan for when you load off. Much like a family with a plan to leave the house when on fire.

        As far as the crowds go.  I always play as if there are thousands.  Yea it's discouraging when there are 8. But I've opened for nationals where the crowds leave before they play.  I give them my all. If that's not good enough, I'm not the band for them.

And that's awesome about the shows, a lot of bands get really discouraged by the numbers, and it really makes for a bad show

        It's easy to.  But truly.  Practice like you play! Then it doesn't feel awkward. You normally "play" to no one anyway.  You never know who's in the crowd.  It only takes the right "1"

And with SINS, are you guys planning any livestream shows?

        We have been working on it.  We are trying to be safe. Some of us in the pandemic have to be out in it.  So it's challenging to risk our families to get together. But be on the look-out for one if we can get it figured out.

Awesome, and do you guys have and planned releases, and any dates for those?

        -yes! We actually have a first single well in the works coming out soon! This stay at home order has halted all progress! But as soon as we're able we're gonna finish it up and release it!

        We have a series of eps that are in the works.

Do you have any plans for a full length?

        yes. I don't want to give it away.  But it all leads to a full length. The industry is changing. Sadly.   The world wants less full lengths and more eps and singles.  But we have a plan in the works that unfolds to the same on all ends.

That's awesome, and we were talking before the interview a bit on the music videos for Judas and feast, do you wanna talk a little bit about the production of those?

        Ok! Yea we recorded Judas with a cellphone and used final cut. And with feast we used a imovie I think

that's insane the quality you guys got with a cellphone man

        Don't be afraid to experiment! Gotta give props to my wife for recording the majority of both

Thats awesome, usually when you hear something was recorded with a cellphone, the quality is something totally different. and with both videos, what was it like doing that.

        Rewarding! Obviously we want the best! But man you have to work within your means.

I loved the video. I had no idea until today it wasn’t professionally shot. and I think your hit count agrees

        I appreciate that man! That and the fact that Judas is on the video game WreckFest.

        Once it hit X-box/PlayStation it got some attention. Unfortunately, after we let the band go to sleep.

Ok so, with the SINS if fans could only take one thing from the band, what would you want them to take.

          I would say that there is no one thing. But if I had one, I think it would be this. It's ok to not let others crucify you. It’s time to rise, for we are all sinners.

Are there any over-used or really fun inside jokes you guys have between the band?

        Haha yes! Other than my ridiculous hand motions I can't quite explain. We were recording a little video talking about the release of the single art for feast... in which our amazing lead guitarist Kevin Richmann said "Turn it up to 11!" Being it is a photo we all died! To this day and everyday after this he'll be known as 11!

Speaking of album art. that is one of the first things I noticed about you guys, even back with dirty things, you guys go all out on your art.

        Thanks man that's one thing I hold close to my chest! It's awesome someone out there has noticed all my hard art for so long Haha

        The dirty things lips are my wife's! Took that with my cell phone too.

you did all the art yourself?

        yes sir!

Wow. And mad king, was that a computer design, or was it drawn, or a photo or...

        I used a photo someone took at a museum and the rest I used photoshop to manipulate.

And you said you’re a tattoo artist?

        Yep! I own a studio in Franklin Indiana.

is it ever difficult juggling being in a band and running a business?

        I also own a gothic museum inside it and an oddity store/custom t shirt company. So yes.

        Haha but you only live once! If you want something bad enough you'll make time.

I agree 100% so many people complain that they can’t reach their dreams because of work, school, or a million other things, you’re an amazing example of making life fit your desires

Here is some of my work:

(to see more of his tattoo work click here to see his website, or here to see his instagram)

So, what made you get into tattooing, and the museum?

        Hell man, tattooing was always there. It just kinda found me.  And my tour started because I own tons of crazy shit and I wanted to make an official history tour of gothic history

so you've got to be pretty well read then? for all the history

        On what I have yes! For all things.  No lol. But we're always learning!

I might have to come see you one day to get a tattoo!

        Hell yea man

have you tattooed any of your band mates?

        -yes! All but 11! But he wants plenty! I have 2 sleeves in progress on the other 2

Awesome! Do you still remember your first show?

         Dude, honestly... no.  Haha that's horrible.  I was like 10 years old though. I remember we were horrible, and it was like 10 neighbors.  But I grew up putting on shows my whole life for family or who ever wanted to watch Haha

That's insane, how many bands have you been in then?

        Dozens. Nothing serious till like 17

Oh wow. That's a lot lol. Besides BD and SINS were any of them really serious?

       Nothing you can find nowadays.   My fondest one was with a band called ARDEN

Have you always been a vocalist?

        Yea pretty much, I've been a bassist before too. But I suck at it all I just pride itself in being a song writer

That's awesome dude, and I just got a fan question, They wanna know if you have any unreleased Black Dali songs that we can expect to be done one with Sins of Calvary.

        Well the way I look at that is anything I wrote that was never released can be rewritten to SINS.

Awesome! If you had to switch roles with one person on the band, who would you switch with?

        Jason on drums. But this scenario being that I could actually play them Haha

so we found your weakness then!

        Oh dude I'm God awful on them

Well, 3/4 positions isn't bad lmao

        Good point but still.  Drummers are truly amazing.  My favorite thing to watch live

And to close, is there anything you wanna tell the fans, or anything they should be watching out for?

        Na man! Other than watch out for new music from 11, Kyle,  Jason and myself.  We all bleed Sins of Calvary and can't wait to get you music soon! Check out FEAST in the meantime and follow us on Facebook and Instagram! We appreciate all the Sinners we have gained along the way and we're only started!