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An Interview With Reaven
Reaven On their new album and sooo much more

Can you start by saying you name, role in the band, and your favorite thing about the music scene?

Hi guys, I’m Romeo, lead singer-guitarist of Reaven. My favorite thing about the music scene is definitely the connection with the audience when we give a show. It’s always special.

Do you remember when you guys met? What happened?

Oh yes I remember ahah. I met Vince (drummer of the band) in high school. We were in the same class. And I asked him, when we were 13 years old if he would like to start a band with me. This is how it started. In a very easy way!

And for those who are hearing of you for the first time, how would you describe your sound?

I think that we do have very catchy compositions, and a real personal rock sound. And we offer very different atmospheres in our songs.

Ok so, If you had to sum yourself up in 5 words or less, what would you say?


Amid this pandemic and isolation, what do you miss the most? If we could go back to the world as it was a year ago, what is the first thing you would do?

The tours and the feelings on stage for sure. If I could back, I would take my guitar, hit the road with Reaven and play the first club we see ahah

Do you guys have any plans for the coming months? Any new albums, music videos, ect?

We have a huge work of rescheduling the tours we cancelled this year. And we are about to release quite soon our new album 'For Tomorrow'. I think we will also release new music videos.

what do you think most inspired your latest album 'For Tomorrow'

Life in general and more precisely, questions about the future. I tried to write about how life could be tomorrow, and how being positive and benevolent is really important today.

what can fans look forward to in this release?

Very personal and powerful songs. To me, this next album will be maybe our best one. There are a lot of surprises in it.

and how would you say 'For Tomorrow' varies from your previous release?

I think, we worked differently. We took more time as well. This album is really a mix of our roots and our experience.

What do you think has most influenced you as a musician? Are there any life events that come to mind, or maybe another artist?

The 60’s period with The Beatles and Woodstock for example. Also, my family. I grew up in a family where music has always been important.

What is your favorite thing about the music scene in general?

As said earlier, to me it would be the connection with the audience. I mean, there is nothing more powerful than feeling connected with everyone through music…

If for some reason, you had to leave your band today, what would be your fondest memory, and what do you think you would remember most about being in a band?

I have so many beautiful memories with the band. I remember our first album recording. But also our 1st european tour. So many special moments that make the journey unique.

Is being in a band what you expected?

Yes and no ahah. You are always surprised when you are in a band. Sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way. It’s like a love relationship I guess.

It’s become a common thing to hear these days that “Rock Is Dead” or that “The Scene Is Dead”. How is the music scene in your area, and what do you feel about these claims? as an artist, you’ve seen the music scene from a perspective that it’s hard to see otherwise, what is your take based on what you’ve seen?

What I can say is that no, rock isn’t dead. It is less popular, that’s the difference. Also, it’s not equally popular in all the countries. There are still very 'rock' countries, and others not… But it is still alive for sure, Rock’n’Roll cannot die, there always be people to defend it.

I’ve seen so many EXTREAMLY talented underground bands over the years, that just don’t seam to go very far, while other, not nearly as talented bands, see themselves played on the radio and featured in magazines. What do you credit this to, and how does it make you feel?

You’re right. Exposure is unfair. And it has nothing to see with talent. There are soooo many talented people everywhere. Being famous is different, it’s being known. It’s not good or bad. It’s different. I think that we live in a world of images, we first see, then we listen. To be seen, you don’t need to be talented. You need to show yourself, respecting some codes and communication. It’s marketing not artistic. This is a part of the result that we are consuming stuffs, living in the instant then switching to something else. People don’t take a lot of time, they eat infos every seconds. So, being seen today can be more powerful than being talented. Hopefully, if you seek well, you’ll find proper talents.

I think that everyone has either a movie, a band, a book, or even a website that make them start feeling nostalgia, what things cause this for you, and what has this feeling led to over the years?

My favorite book is 'The Little Prince'. He is part of my perception of the world, the philosophy in it is absolutely what people need today, in my opinion.

On a slightly related question, if you could go back to any point in your life, and save one thing so that it was still around today, what would it be, and why?

I think it would be the lack of concern. I miss the time where we didn’t feel like everything is leading to a disaster. You know, when you were able just to live and feel light.

Matt Galbriath said in an interview we did with him, that local music scenes are like an underground world. How would you describe the underground, and what does it mean to you?

To me, the underground is going in another direction than the one imposed by the system. It’s a state of mind. When you prefer following your own path with your own values, even if the road is gonna be longer, instead of choosing rules that are made by others.

What Is the craziest thing you’ve seen while on stage?

Maybe a guy dancing alone in the middle of thousands of people, everyone was giving him a massive space around him because he danced in a way he looked possessed ahah it was a very special vibe ahah

If you could be anyone, who would you be?

The best version of myself ahah.

What is one of the extreme, funny, or amazing band stories you have

The craziest tour story must be something that happened in London. We gave 2 shows in London in 2018. We took the eurostar from Paris at 5 a.m and arrived in London early in the morning. We were supposed to go and put all our music backline in the Airbnb we rented. BUT, the supposed Airbnb didn’t exist (the announce/host was a fake), so we were in London, tired, with all the instruments, with nowhere to sleep, so we took a big hotel room. Then we went to the concert place for our first show. 5 minutes before the show, a sound engineer went on stage, dropped my guitar, broke a string and lost my 'vibrato’s spring' so it was impossible to play on my instrument anymore ahah!

If you could undo any one thing you’ve done, what would it be?

Maybe to have lost a bit of time relying too much on other people in our professional circle. When you want something done, do it yourself.

If you could erase one thing from the world, what would it be?


What advice would you give to fans who say they suffer depression or anxiety.

That we are all in the same boat and we have to be patient and wait for brighter days all together!

What is your favorite song to play live?

I have a few ahah. But I think there is one from the new album to be released called “Hold Me Close” that I love to play. Very rock and intense.

What goes into playing a live show for you guys, how do you get ready, and what do you love, and hate, about playing them?

You have to give the best each night. We warm up before a show, I need also at least 5 minutes of calm if possible. We laugh together (it helps). I love almost everything about playing live shows. This is the heart of our passion, to be on stage. What I hate the most is when people you’re working with for a show (not from your team) are not professional, late etc… It drives me crazy ahah

Do you guys have a general message that you try to get across with your lyrics?

Yes, a message of benevolence. We are maybe facing a very complicated present and an uncertain future, so we’d better be all united to face it.

Are there any songs in particular that you’d like to talk about the inspiration for?

Maybe the main track of our next album 'For Tomorrow'. I composed it a while ago. But the song has never been so powerful regarding the situation today. It talks about what we can be tomorrow and we are gonna leave for the future generation.

If you guys have any videos, would you like to talk about what went into the making of those, and what it was like?

Our music video 'Escape'. This is a video we filmed ourselves during the quarantine. The song was created during the quarantine, in the middle of the night. We wanted to express through music and this (homemade) video the struggle we are all living these days. For some people, it is a physical struggle, the fact of being locked up in small spaces. For others, it’s a psychological fight. We all need to escape a bit the reality from time to time. Especially when the daily life is getting complicated. This song reflects what we feel during this period. Tough moments, good moments. But above all, we will never stop believing that there will be brighter days. We’re all together in the same boat. And sooner or later, we will all escape this rough time together.

If you could go back in time to the moment when you were joining your first band, what advise would you give yourself?

Trust yourself more than ever. Do things yourself, always and never give up.

Before we close, are there any bands you wanna give a shout out to that the readers should check out?

There is duo we loved to play with in London in 2018. They’re called the 'Dirty Sister'

Is there anything you wanna close with.

“We hope you’re all fine out there. Take care. We can’t wait to meet you on stage again.”

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