Site Rules
These rules are your life now. Follow them, or you will be PUNISHED. don't test me. im a fucking website, so i dont hold back... EVER... I would fucking ban emocentric if he started shit, and he's basically my father.
your first rule: follow the fucking rules!

the rules:
dont be dickhead
if your over 18 dont flirt with minors!
follow that chat rules
dont harass people
bullies will be humilliated and banned
try not to start shit on open chats and forums. keep that shit in the pm's
spam is a lunch meat, so keep it on your sandwich and off the site

If You Break The Rules:
You will be demoted in site rank.
repeated rule breaking will result in a temporary ban
if you still cant follow the rules you will be permanently banned

what is a permanent ban?
that means we will lock you out of your account, and post on your profile the reason you were banned. ooo that's embarassing! if you even still want your account after that, we may let you back if you
(a) Send us an apology via email and it better fucking sound sincere. if you send me one sentence, you dont stand a fucking chance
(b) write an apology to whoever you offended by breaking the rules.

What is a temp ban?
temp bans last a set amount of time, and you will receive an email telling you how long that will be for. when you come back, your site rank will be lowered, and your usage of the site will be restricted until. don't start anymore shit and you'll slowly be prometed through the ranks