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Male / 19 / Its Complicacted / France

Last Login: Yesterday

    Candyde Interests
General Making music. Listening to music. Discovering music. Rating music on rateyourmusic.com (username: Seysey (a teenage blunder from when I was 13). Hearing your music suggestions. Making music with you. MYUZIK! (and also drawing and psychology hehe)
Music Deathcore, Denpa, the Post-Punk/Midwest-Emo kind of DSBM, Easycore, (modern) Emocore, Emo-pop, Gabber, (modern) Post-hardcore, Scenecore, Punk Rock subgenres, Shoegaze, Trancecore, (but I like to "taste" any kind of music! well, except maybe pure country)
Books Peer reviewed scientific studies to give me knowledge and arguments when I talk to bigots
Movies/TV Dark movies, dark documentaries, Suicide Room, and weird stuff #edgyboi
Groups: Coming Soon!!!

    Candyde's Details
Race Vampire
Status Single
Scene Score: 162
Orientation Its Complicacted
Age 19
Country: France
Location: Internet
Gender Male
Member For 5 Months

Heyo! ~ I'm the cringy neko scemo boy who's obsessed with music to an unhealthy level. I make art because when I don't, I get depressed. Some people need to eat, well I need to compose. Also I can't sleep at night. Anyways. Wanna hear my music? Yeah right uh, the video below is a preview to what I make. However the truth is, I'm such a genius that my style is actually eclectic and unpredictable. It's a useful skill in fights (along with my "make people cringe" technique). Especially against wild Karens.

    Yesten's Bio
About me:

I love discovering obscure artists with weird genre combos... but I tend to forget that mainstream music is also a thing. Don't be surprised if I don't know anything about P!ATD nor FOB! x) What do music-lovers make? Music! However, most individual have the decency to hide it from other people. As I lack self-respect, I expose my terrible music to the world (and make "da normiez" cringe hard in the process.) Curious? Here ya go: https://yestenslegacy.bandcamp.com/ (The 10+ aliases are for my eclecticity. Some people call it "lack of cohesion". Screw cohesion.) Are you a stalker? If yes: https://linktr.ee/Yesten
Who I'd like to meet:

Any open-minded individual! (COME AS YOU ARE YOU COWARD èwé)

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