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Male / 18 / Bisexual / United States

Last Login: 2 Weeks Ago

    Rotten666bunny Interests
General Writing, reading fanfiction, talking to my friends, listening to music.
Music -Emo -Punk -Post Hardcore -K-pop -Britpop (90's) -Alternative (weird things like Mars Argo) -Japanese metalpop
Books -Stephen King books -Exquisite Corpse -Tokyo Ghoul -Black Butler -Johnny The Homicidal Maniac (I'm not big on reading...)
Movies/TV -Tokyo Ghoul -Black Butler -Blue Exorcist -Doctor Who -Sweeny Todd -Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World -Lost Boys -The Crow -BeetleJuice
Groups: Coming Soon!!!

    Rotten666bunny's Details
Race Vampire
Status In a Relationship
Scene Score: 132
Orientation Bisexual
Age 18
Country: United States
Location: Hell...
Gender Male
Member For 6 Months

I like weird

    Jay Sterling's Bio
About me:

Addicted to music and probably getting yelled at as you read this. Currently learning korean, and dying for boredom and my brain hurts. Wanna annoy me? Just dm me.
Who I'd like to meet:

Nice people.

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